Eclipse + a snippet

I’m not sure if everyone was wrapped up in the eclipse yesterday, but I live in the path of totality, so I witnessed a pretty nifty thing. It was surreal, beautiful, and probably one of the most amazing things I have witnessed in nature. (Note: the photo was taken by a super-cool friend of mine, Shawn Porter. And yes, that is what totality looked like. Amazing!)

Anyway, I know you are all anxious for news on Pirate Consort. It’s going really well, should be available soon. Still on track for a release by the end of summer.

Here, have a brief snippet:

Mercy stopped outside of the closed doors beside Dem. He waited, as silent and patient as a statue, while she stood and thought about what she was about to do. The small of her back felt hot, and nausea made her swallow. Damn, she didn’t want to walk into that room. If Cannon were here, she’d have felt much better about this.

But then, if Cannon were here, she wouldn’t need to do it at all.

Are any of them empaths? She sent the words to Dem telepathically, not willing to risk speaking them aloud.


Well, she had that going for her, at least.

They may try to penetrate your shields, however. To test you. 

Her brows drew down as a kernel of anger started to burn inside of her. She held onto it, preferring that over the butterflies of uncertainty and dread.

And what will happen if they penetrate my shields?

A spark of cold chilled the depths of Dem’s eyes. They will not. 

Wait. Mercy stared at him. Gingerly, she probed outside of her shields and felt another barrier, a solid wall of Talent. No. You can’t protect me. 

Dem’s eyebrows rose. Mercy—

No, Dem. These are vicious, violent men and women who are just waiting for me to slip up, for an opportunity to prove I’m either not strong enough to be Queen, or not trustworthy enough. I can’t walk into that room with you shielding me from whatever they might throw my way.

Very well. The barrier vanished. Mercy couldn’t be sure, but she thought the corner of his mouth might have twitched before he caught it. Dem’s version of almost smiling.

For fuck’s sake. She rolled her eyes. I don’t need you testing me, too. 

She turned and strode forward, using her telekinesis to throw open the doors.

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    As for the eclipse… ya it was cloudy here, so I watched a couple different US feeds on TV and then had the NASA live stream on Youtube, as well as one other one. It was amazing and I even learnt something new! Those little bursts of color and brightness around the moon is the sun shining into the craters/mountains/etc of the moon! TOO COOL! Also saw one feed where the space station zipped by in front of the sun when the moon was only covering a bit of the sun (at the beginning) That was cool too! But I do have to wonder – why oh why do networks feel the need to show people and chat to people RIGHT AT THE MOMENTS COMING INTO, DURING AND JUST PAST TOTALITY?!?! sheesh

    Regardless, it was cool! And I cannot wait for a new Carysa Locke book to get into my hot little hands! xoxoxoxoxo

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