Book Formatting


Maybe you want a color chapter image for bright, eye catching display on tablets.

Or maybe you just want clean, professional typeface with a drop cap at the start of each chapter.

Why formatting?


Professional book formatting is something every author needs. But it can be either an expensive or difficult process, depending on whether you pay to have it done, or try to do it yourself. I’ve been formatting books for myself and others for over a year, and it is one of my true joys – making something that puts a final, professional polish on an author’s hard work. I keep my prices reasonable so having your books look their best won’t break the bank. You can check out some samples of work I’ve done in the pictures on this page, or contact me if you’re interested in something specific.




Under 20,000 words: $25

20,000-150,000 words (single title): $35

150,000 words+ (single title): $45

Anthology or Boxed Set (multiple titles/authors): $75


20,000-150,000 words (single title): $50

150,000 words + (single title): $65

Anthology/Boxed Set/Omnibus Edition (multiple titles, authors, or books in one print edition): $90

Package deals for books in a series are available. 

*Note: formatting does NOT include cover, just the inside formatting of the book.

This is an example of print formatting I did recently for an author.