A lot of people are doing end-of-decade recaps. The 10’s were pretty big for me. I finished my degrees, changed jobs multiple times until landing on my current job, which I love, and started my career as an author. We lost our old dog, Zoey, the best dog to ever dog. Now we have two dogs, a three year old Pitbull, and a two-and-a-half year old Shepherd/Pit mix. They are a handful and we love them.

Probably the biggest thing to come out of the 10’s, though, is kids. My husband and I weren’t able to have kids of our own, but he’s a teacher, and we’ve “adopted” two who graduated from his school. They’re 26 now, and getting married in a month. They call us Mom and Dad. We spend all of the holidays with them. We’re hoping to move closer to each other in the future than the current hour+ we live apart, and we are so happy and grateful to have them in our lives.

Life throws unexpected things at you. You can’t always see the good in those things when they happen, but if you wait, and you keep moving, someday you might.

Going into the 20’s, I think things will be even bigger. My author career will move forward with new books and new series. Hopefully things will stay pretty status quo at my day job, because I love everything about it right now, and maybe I’ll make some actual progress on those student loans that are like an anvil weighing down every other financial decision in my life. The kids will be married, and grandkids are a likely event in the next decade. I’m sure some terrifying things will happen along with the good. Life is like that, right? It throws a lot at you, good and bad. Hopefully more of the former than the latter.

In any case, I’m going into this decade a lot more optimistically than I went into the last one. Only time will tell.

On a smaller scale, here’s what’s happening in the next year for me, writing-wise:

  1. Fox Hunt will be published this month. It’s a short story I’ve expanded into a novella, so about half is new material that even new readers will not have read before.
  2. I’ll be co-writing a series with my husband this year. Briar’s End is a Fantasy, a loosely based fairy tale retelling of Sleeping Beauty, and I’m SO EXCITED for this one. We have it outlined as a trilogy, and we’re starting on the first book next month.
  3. My husband will also be publishing his first book this year, an Epic Fantasy. We are working on editing it now, and I’m really excited to share more information with you guys as its release date gets closer.
  4. I have another co-authored series that will be coming out in 2020, with Lucy Smoke. This one is a Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy, based VERY loosely on Little Red Riding Hood.
  5. Pirate War will be coming out this Spring, followed by Pirate Genesis at the end of the year.
  6. Healer Heart, another Swag Story featuring Nayla, will be published sometime in 2020.
  7. Hunting Ground will be finished and shared here for free, followed by official publication on all retailers, so readers who want it in their book libraries can have an official copy.
  8. I have a space pirate short story coming out in an anthology sometime in August. This one is really exciting and I can’t wait to share more with you.

So, that’s seven possible books from me this year! It feels like a lot, but it also feels very exciting. New series, new possibilities, more space pirates. 2020 promises to be busy on the author front.

I hope all of you are excited about the opportunities the new year and new decade have to offer you. I know I am.