I just found a whole bunch of comments held in the “spam” section of my blog that I never saw. Some date as recently as last month, others, a few months back. I am SO sorry I didn’t see them sooner. All of them asked basically the same question: Where is Pirate War?

Short answer: it is still coming. I am not going to name a specific release date until I know exactly when it will launch, but it IS coming later this year, and since I essentially have two books that I are happening together, the NEXT book, Pirate Genesis, will be coming shortly after that. Yes, it’s been a loooong wait, but hopefully the news that it is still coming, and that the following book will be only a short wait after that comes as good news.

You have all been so patient, and I really appreciate it. I did have a brand new pirates novella come out in October in Pets in Space 7, and that novella, Healer Heart, will be launching as a standalone title very soon. I’ll post when that happens.

So, I am still writing. I have not abandoned my beloved telepathic space pirates. Life has just been….well, messy, and when you write books around having a full time job and other life stuff, it can end up interfering with your best laid plans for writing and release schedules.