What are your favorite holiday foods? I love it all, but I always end up making homemade cranberry sauce, because for some reason no one else seems to care, but how can you not when it is SO GOOD on those leftover turkey-roll-sandwiches?!

I also often make homemade rolls, a cheesecake, and the green bean casserole because my husband says no one makes it like me. (I have a secret recipe. Green beans+condensed cream of mushroom soup+a couple splashes of Worcestershire sauce+a healthy sprinkle of granulated parmesan+salt&pepper. Mix it up, add half the can of fried onions, mix that up, cook for 30 minutes, top with remaining fried onions and cook uncovered for ten more. Done!)

Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving (if you’re in the US) is fabulous and full of good food, good friends, and thankfulness. <3